Freedom APP AlternativeFreedom APK Alternatives

If you have been paying attention to the latest trends in gaming, then you just might have caught the wind of some of the best hacking apps like Freedom APK. They are not necessarily limited to be used with games only. You can even use some of them with apps and the result is of course great. Let’s start, shall we? Learn how to use Freedom App

Lucky Patcher: The main reason why this app is so great is the fact that it doesn’t require root to work, given that it works better with rooted phones. You can hack entire apps and buy in-app purchases for free, remove ads, and apply custom patches to apps and games.

Cheat Engine: After the phenomenal success of Cheat Engine on Windows, the Android version was bound to come sooner or later. It can increase the number of coins, currency, life, ammo, etc in games by making changes in the app system files. That’s why it also requires root to work.

Game Guardian: This Freedom APP Alternative is rather similar to Cheat Engine and works on a similar principle. But it has a lot more features and is a little complex to use. You can basically increase values of currency, life, etc. with Game Guardian. Freedom APK Alternatives

CreeHack: Now, this one is a Freedom Alternative in the true sense. Why I said that is because CreeHack basically does the exact same thing as the former. It lets you buy in-app purchases for free. It doesn’t require root to work and that is only where it differs from Freedom APK. Game Killer: In Game Killer, you have to search for the value that you want to change using the blank field. When the app finds it, you just have to change it and that is all you have to do to hack a game. Of course, to do that, the app obviously requires root.

Leo Playcard: Yet we have another Freedom App Alternative that is the most similar to the main app. Leo Playcard doesn’t require you to root your phone in order to enjoy its services. It is also free to download and use like all the other apps in this list and lets you buy in-app purchases for free just like Freedom.

Xmodgames: Xmodgames is a little different than the rest of the Freedom Alternatives. It also works in a different way than the other ones. It installs the Mod on the original game and then you have to install the Mod that you want fro